Depression, alcohol and drug problems: the hidden toll of HIV

27th May 2015

Depression, alcohol and drug problems: the hidden toll of HIVDavid Rowlands

David Rowlands examines the results of his most recent poll on standards of psychological care in HIV – an important factor as 96 per cent of respondents agreed that those... Read more

Innovative smaller firms to break into pharma's top 20

26th May 2015

Innovative smaller firms to break into pharma's top 20Andrew McConaghie

After decades of a few major pharma companies dominating the industry, a new generation of small but often highly innovative companies are breaking into the sector's top division, reports Andrew... Read more

10 new cancer drug highlights for ASCO

22nd May 2015

10 new cancer drug highlights for ASCO

Researchers are set to reveal the latest good news in cancer research – but questions about price and value won't be far away, reports Andrew McConaghie. The importance of ASCO, and the... Read more

Successful brand building means solving customer problems

21st May 2015

Successful brand building means solving customer problemsKim Hughes

Pharma marketers need to listen to HCPs and patients to find out what issues they face and then position products to meet these needs.In a recent presentation Michael Holgate, founding... Read more


PD-1 inhibitors head latest crop of CHMP opinions

27th May 2015

PD-1 inhibitors head latest crop of CHMP opinionsStaff reporter

Eight new drugs were recommended for approval at the CHMP's latest meeting, with cancer immunotherapies from Merck & Co and Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) headlining.Merck's Keytruda (pembrolizumab) was given a green... Read more

Future of AZ’s psoriasis drug in doubt after Amgen withdrawal

27th May 2015

Future of AZ’s psoriasis drug in doubt after Amgen withdrawalAndrew McConaghie

AstraZeneca (AZ) will be forced to make a difficult decision on its psoriasis drug brodalumab after Amgen pulled out of the development partnership.Brodalumab had been tipped to reach peak sales... Read more

All but one Cancer Drug Fund appeals rejected

26th May 2015

All but one Cancer Drug Fund appeals rejectedStaff reporter

Of the four companies that appealed the removal of their drugs from the UK's Cancer Drugs Fund, only Bayer successfully overturned the decision.NHS England has agreed to restore Bayer's stomach... Read more

Is a deal to create 'PfizerKline' in the offing?

22nd May 2015

Is a deal to create 'PfizerKline' in the offing?Staff reporter

The rumour mill has been grinding away furiously in the last few days, focusing mainly on a possible bid for GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) by Pfizer.The speculation about a deal to create... Read more

Audio & Video

Available on demand: Exclusive debate/we…



The way that physicians want and need to consume information has changed dramatically over recent years and continues to evolve rapidly. Working in... View more

Being Patient-centric is being Family-ce…


Cancer survivor and patient opinion leader Andrew Schorr and his wife Esther Schorr discuss how families should be involved in decision-making around care for patients.... View more

On demand webinar: Staring into the aby…

IMS webinar


Regardless of the colour of the next UK government that emerges as a result of the May election, the £30–50bn NHS budget... View more

Live webinar/debate - Feb 4th - COPD, co…

Join the COPD webinar/debate



COPD is a widespread, costly and largely preventable condition which affects over 300 million people worldwide and is recognised... View more

White Papers

Optimising patient outcomes through phys…

Optimising patient outcomes through physician educationDr James Quekett

Physician education is undergoing a massive change as the volume of advances in therapies and practices increases and the use of digital channels facilitates new forms of scientific exchange. This white... View info

Is pharma brand marketing dead?

Is pharma brand marketing dead?Mark Sales, Fabrice Bourg & Richard Goosey

This comprehensive supplement brings together a series of articles, insights and discussions produced by Kantar Health in order to help stimulate debate and fresh thinking about the future of pharmaceutical... View info

Improved health and wellbeing in COPD

Improved health and wellbeing in COPDAna Maria Arboleda, Clare Maloney & Prof John Weinman

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a progressive and debilitating disorder, which, as it progresses, places a significant burden on individuals and those caring for them. This is not only... View info

Computer Gaming: The Future of Decision-…

Computer Gaming: The Future of Decision-Making for Life Sciences?

How can life science brands identify winning strategic decisions when there are so many variables to consider? One route is via 'road-testing' decisions ahead of sign-off under computer game simulated... View info

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Circassia leads UK biotech funding success

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Boehringer licenses liver disease candidate

Boehringer Ingelheim (BI) has licensed a drug for non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases from Australia's Pharmaxis,... Read more