Antibiotic resistance: alarm bells ring louder than ever

30th March 2015

Antibiotic resistance: alarm bells ring louder than everChristophe Homer

Though international focus is turning to antimicrobial resistance and incentives are being provided for research into new drugs, there are many hurdles to be jumped before a blockbuster can be... Read more

Community vital in mHealth

27th March 2015

Community vital in mHealthBrian Mondry

Though the numbers of health and fitness devices are increasing rapidly, empowering users to record and monitor their bodies, support from the wider community is vital to ensure adoption, growth... Read more

Crowdfunding to cure Black Bone Disease

26th March 2015

Crowdfunding to cure Black Bone DiseaseSorsha Roberts

Black Bone Disease was the first genetic disease ever discovered over 100 years ago. Despite this, there is still no cure. Sorsha Roberts explains how the AKU Society, a patient... Read more

Supercomputing is the future of pharmacology

25th March 2015

Supercomputing is the future of pharmacologyRick Hillum

According to the US FDA, it currently takes about 12 years and £1.1 billion to get a drug from initial idea to market. Supercomputing technology is reducing this time and... Read more


Deal agreed at last on GSK's Bexsero in UK

30th March 2015

Deal agreed at last on GSK's Bexsero in UKStaff reporter

After months of delay, GlaxoSmithKline has agreed a deal with the UK government that will allow its meningitis B (MenB) vaccine Bexsero to be added to the NHS' routine childhood... Read more

Novartis drug gets 'Promising Innovative Medicine' status in UK

30th March 2015

Novartis drug gets 'Promising Innovative Medicine' status in UKStaff reporter

Novartis's cancer drug Zykadia has become one of the first drugs to snag Promising Innovation Medicine status in the UK's new early access scheme.The Early Access to Medicines Scheme (EAMS)... Read more

Twitter raises Periscope to sink rival Meerkat

27th March 2015

Twitter raises Periscope to sink rival MeerkatStaff reporter

Twitter has officially launched its new video streaming service Periscope in direct opposition to the recently-introduced Meerkat service.Periscope was bought by Twitter earlier this year as it continues to develop... Read more

Advanced manufacturing could ‘transform’ biologics development

27th March 2015

Advanced manufacturing could ‘transform’ biologics developmentAndrew McConaghie

Pharma company UCB is part of a consortium which has won UK government funding to help develop next-generation approaches to manufacturing biologics.The UK government has awarded a £6.2 million grant... Read more

Audio & Video

Being Patient-centric is being Family-ce…


Cancer survivor and patient opinion leader Andrew Schorr and his wife Esther Schorr discuss how families should be involved in decision-making around care for patients.... View more

On demand webinar: Staring into the aby…

IMS webinar image 300x200


Regardless of the colour of the next UK government that emerges as a result of the May election, the £30–50bn NHS... View more

Live Tweetchat: Managing COPD in the rea…


Working in partnership, Atlantis Healthcare and pharmaphorum present a Tweetchat focussed on the real world challenges patients face in managing their COPD,... View more

Live webinar/debate - Feb 4th - COPD, co…

Join the COPD webinar/debate



COPD is a widespread, costly and largely preventable condition which affects over 300 million people worldwide and is recognised... View more

White Papers

Optimising patient outcomes through phys…

Optimising patient outcomes through physician educationAnita Seaford

Physician education is undergoing a massive change as the volume of advances in therapies and practices increases and the use of digital channels facilitates new forms of scientific exchange. This white... View info

Is pharma brand marketing dead?

Is pharma brand marketing dead?Mark Sales, Fabrice Bourg & Richard Goosey

This comprehensive supplement brings together a series of articles, insights and discussions produced by Kantar Health in order to help stimulate debate and fresh thinking about the future of pharmaceutical... View info

Improved health and wellbeing in COPD

Improved health and wellbeing in COPDAna Maria Arboleda, Clare Maloney & Prof John Weinman

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a progressive and debilitating disorder, which, as it progresses, places a significant burden on individuals and those caring for them. This is not only... View info

Computer Gaming: The Future of Decision-…

Computer Gaming: The Future of Decision-Making for Life Sciences?

How can life science brands identify winning strategic decisions when there are so many variables to consider? One route is via 'road-testing' decisions ahead of sign-off under computer game simulated... View info

Further News & Articles

Pharma supports UK genomics effort

Several pharmaceutical companies have formed a coalition to help the UK government bring its 100,000 Genomes Pro... Read more


eyeforpharma Barcelona 2015 day two summary

eyeforpharma Barcelona 2015 day two summary - Wednesday 25th March 2015

18.20 CET
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BMS takes on Novo Nordisk's autoimmune projects

Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) has boosted its position in immunology research by licensing a portfolio of autoimmun... Read more


Keytruda beats Yervoy in first-line melanoma

Merck's cancer immunotherapy drug Keytruda has shown it can extend overall survival and progression free surviva... Read more


NICE says no to Celgene myeloma drug Imnovid

NICE has issued final guidance not recommending Celgene's multiple myeloma treatment Imnovid (pomalidomide).Read more