Pre-exposure treatment to help prevent HIV

10th February 2016

Pre-exposure treatment to help prevent HIVDavid Rowlands

Wider use of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP), where people who don't have HIV take a pill every day, could prevent around 7,400 new HIV infections in the UK by 2020. David... Read more

Teva: looking for innovation and growth in ‘space between’ branded and…

9th February 2016

Teva: looking for innovation and growth in ‘space between’ branded and genericsAndrew McConaghie

Teva is looking to evolve its business through new R&D programmes and development of 'New Therapeutic Entities' from off-patent drugs. Andrew McConaghie speaks to the company's Richard Malamut about how... Read more

End-of-life treatments: what will NICE accept?

8th February 2016

End-of-life treatments: what will NICE accept? Leela Barham

As consultation on the 'new' Cancer Drugs Fund closes this week, Leela Barham reviews the impact of England's guidance on end-of-life treatments and the implications of these broader changes. Leela BarhamSix... Read more

Hooray for patient engagement teams

5th February 2016

Hooray for patient engagement teamsAndrew Schorr

Patient advocate Andrew Schorr welcomes pharma's efforts to listen to, and work with, patients and calls for company-wide support for these new initiatives.   Andrew SchorrLately I have had the chance to... Read more


Amgen steals a march on Sanofi with Repatha NICE approval

9th February 2016

Amgen steals a march on Sanofi with Repatha NICE approvalAndrew McConaghie

Amgen has secured a recommendation for its new cholesterol drug Repatha (evolocumab) from NICE, giving it a major advantage on Sanofi/Regeneron's rival Praluent (alirocumab).NICE rejected any use of Repatha on... Read more

Cancer Drugs Fund needs better management, say MPs

5th February 2016

Cancer Drugs Fund needs better management, say MPsMarco Ricci

NHS England has been criticised for having not tracked the benefits to patients of the Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF) and the money spent on it.The House of Commons Public Accounts... Read more

AstraZeneca: UK is better off in Europe

4th February 2016

AstraZeneca: UK is better off in EuropeAndrew McConaghie

UK-headquartered pharma company AstraZeneca has weighed into the debate about the country's place in the European Union, saying it supports staying in the trading bloc.Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron is... Read more

Sanofi Pasteur commits to development of Zika vaccine

4th February 2016

Sanofi Pasteur commits to development of Zika vaccineMarco Ricci

Sanofi Pasteur – Sanofi's vaccine division – has launched a research and development programme to develop a vaccine against the Zika virus.The company already markets vaccines for yellow fever, Japanese... Read more

Audio & Video

Live webinar – Patient centricity 101: H…

BrightTALK holding slide SDL 23 Feb 15.00


According to the European Commission and NIHR Clinical Research Network, between 2007... View more

Live webinar: Why the success of your HT…

BrightTALK holding slide IMS 04 12 2015-4-3version sw LB


This webinar is the first in a series of webinars focused on the topic: Unlocking the... View more

Available on demand – Predicting success…

BrightTALK holding slide Cello v1 30.11.2015


The current market research climate in the pharmaceutical industry is one of "doing more with less". At the same... View more

Available on demand – Digital healthcare…

BrightTALK holding slide 23 11 2015


So, we are finally at a point where with some certainty we can confirm we are in a digital world... View more

White Papers

Patient centricity: How does Boehringer …

Patient centricity: How does Boehringer Ingelheim UK measure up?Alan Sumner

Patient centricity is a subject that is massively talked about but few can 'walk the talk'. Fewer still can demonstrate what that walk has achieved and where it is headed.

In 2015 Boehringer Ingelheim UK... View info

From promise to practice: immuno-oncolog…

From promise to practice: immuno-oncology in action – the new frontier in cancer treatment

Immuno-oncology therapies that harness the body's own defences to fight off tumours are widely acknowledged as the new frontier in cancer treatment.

Clinical trials of emerging products, both alone... View info

Doctors on the front line of healthcare …

Doctors on the front line of healthcare evolution - Whitepaper - The digital health debate

Advances in digital technology have become ubiquitous within healthcare, bringing about breakthroughs in diagnosis, new treatment options and at the same time heralding the expansion of companies usually associated with... View info

Pricing & Market Access Outlook 2015…

Pricing & Market Access Outlook 2015/2016 Edition

Pricing and market access (P&MA) are key issues for the pharma industry as healthcare budgets continue to tighten and the value of innovative drugs, particularly in areas of high unmet... View info

Further News & Articles

Patient perspective: a breast cancer diagnosis

On World Cancer Day, we relate the personal 'diary' experience of an American woman diagnosed with breast cancer.Read more


AZ shows progress, but Crestor loss will see it shrink in 2016

AstraZeneca (AZ) is making strong progress in re-building its drug portfolio, but 2016 will see revenues and pro... Read more


Pharma’s crippling addiction and how to cure it

The 'find it, file it, flog it' approach to drug development has to be abandoned for a truly patient-centred appr... Read more


Allergan deal will go ahead, says Pfizer chief

Pfizer's chief executive Ian Read says his company's $160 billion takeover of Allergan will not be blocked by US... Read more


Mission Therapeutics raises £60m to advance novel ‘DUB’ drug platform

UK biotech company Mission Therapeutics has raised £60 million to invest into its drug discovery and development... Read more


Australian biotech joins race to develop Zika vaccine

A vaccine developed by Australian biotech company Sementis could be re-purposed to help prevent the spread of th... Read more


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