Patient services: an unmet need

7th July 2015

Patient services: an unmet needMark Fisher

Research with patients shows that they want more information on disease risk in the pre-treatment phase and if pharma companies can engage with them at this early stage, they can... Read more

The future of oncology market research

6th July 2015

The future of oncology market researchJane Barrett

Greater differentiation of diagnoses and treatments in cancer means market researchers are facing new challenges in dealing with very small numbers of patients sensitively while gaining the insights that pharma... Read more

The end of DTC marketing and the dawn of DWP marketing

4th July 2015

The end of DTC marketing and the dawn of DWP marketingRichard Meyer

Richard Meyer suggests that the era for US direct-to-consumer marketing of prescription drugs is over – and its now time for 'Direct With Patient' marketing.Consumer packaged good marketers are learning... Read more

Market access for new specialist drugs will get harder, says NHS Engla…

2nd July 2015

Market access for new specialist drugs will get harder, says NHS England

Andrew McConaghie reports on a frank exchange of views about NHS finances and market access in the UKPharma's late-stage pipeline may be dominated by a new generation of specialist, often groundbreaking... Read more


Roche heads doctor, hospital payment league in 2014

7th July 2015

Roche heads doctor, hospital payment league in 2014Staff reporter

The first full year of data collated by the US government on pharma company payments to doctors and hospitals reveals that Roche was the biggest spender in 2014, splashing out... Read more

Astellas censured for breach of ABPI code

6th July 2015

Astellas censured for breach of ABPI codeStaff reporter

Astellas has been taken to task for breaching the UK pharma industry's self-regulatory Code of Practice during an event convened to discuss its prostate cancer therapy Xtandi in Italy last... Read more

Biogen signs $1bn gene therapy deal; CF trial shows promise

3rd July 2015

Biogen signs $1bn gene therapy deal; CF trial shows promiseStaff reporter

The resurgence of activity in the gene therapy sector continued apace this week, with Biogen signing a $1 billion deal with AGTC to target eye diseases and a trial in... Read more

More cystic fibrosis patients to get Kalydeco in England, but delay cr…

3rd July 2015

More cystic fibrosis patients to get Kalydeco in England, but delay criticisedAndrew McConaghie

More patients with the life-limiting disease cystic fibrosis are to receive new treatment Kalydeco, after NHS England agreed to fund the drug.But charity the Cystic Fibrosis Trust has hit out... Read more

Audio & Video

Live webinar 9th July – Changing behavio…

BrightTALK holding slide 4 22June


Understanding your customers is fundamental to effective communication. Current segmentation strategies draw on ever more detailed information... View more

Available on demand: Effectively using r…



Life sciences companies need to make better use of the insights that real-world data (RWD) can provide in order to improve market... View more

Available on demand: Exclusive debate/we…



The way that physicians want and need to consume information has changed dramatically over recent years and continues to evolve rapidly. Working in... View more

Being Patient-centric is being Family-ce…


Cancer survivor and patient opinion leader Andrew Schorr and his wife Esther Schorr discuss how families should be involved in decision-making around care for patients.... View more

White Papers

Optimising patient outcomes through phys…

Optimising patient outcomes through physician educationDr James Quekett

Physician education is undergoing a massive change as the volume of advances in therapies and practices increases and the use of digital channels facilitates new forms of scientific exchange. This white... View info

Is pharma brand marketing dead?

Is pharma brand marketing dead?Mark Sales, Fabrice Bourg & Richard Goosey

This comprehensive supplement brings together a series of articles, insights and discussions produced by Kantar Health in order to help stimulate debate and fresh thinking about the future of pharmaceutical... View info

Improved health and wellbeing in COPD

Improved health and wellbeing in COPDAna Maria Arboleda, Clare Maloney & Prof John Weinman

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a progressive and debilitating disorder, which, as it progresses, places a significant burden on individuals and those caring for them. This is not only... View info

Computer Gaming: The Future of Decision-…

Computer Gaming: The Future of Decision-Making for Life Sciences?

How can life science brands identify winning strategic decisions when there are so many variables to consider? One route is via 'road-testing' decisions ahead of sign-off under computer game simulated... View info

Further News & Articles

Boehringer secures first European approvals for new COPD treatment

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Gathering real-world evidence in the early access setting

Early access programmes offer the potential for gaining real-world evidence in the period between phase III and m... Read more


UK backs early access to BMS’s Opdivo for lung cancer

Patients with lung cancer in the UK can now get treatment with Bristol-Myers Squibb's Opdivo under a new scheme ... Read more


Pharma: shouldn't every day be Social Media Day?

Christian Gardner, Director, Media Services at pharmaphorum marks Social Media Day by looking at pharma's progres... Read more


Celgene pays $1bn for stake in CAR-T specialist Juno

US firm Celgene is desperate not to be left out of the race to develop chimeric antigen receptor T cells (CAR-T)... Read more