We had a response that exceeded our expectations: very high click-through rate from our banners and some great dialogue off the back

It's a great forum to maintain a branded presence in front of an increasingly loyal and engaged pharmaceutical audience

In an increasingly noisy world, raising or maintaining awareness of your company, products and services is getting ever harder. Advertising is no longer about simple volume metrics, but in order to be effective has to ensure you are present where the right decision makers are spending time, plus aligned with other brands they perceive as leaders.

"We are so often defined by the company we keep"

pharmaphorum offers a number of ways to position you in front of our global audience of pharma decision makers and alongside our valued industry brand.


Sponsorship banners / monthly partnership

The pharmaphorum website offers a number of banner locations that place your brand alongside our thought leadership content, positioning you as a sponsor and partner. We prefer to work with a small, exclusive number of advertisers each month, so offer uniquely non-rotational adverts and combination packages that ensure strong visibility at all times to our audience.

In addition, onsite presence via banners is most effective when combined with compelling content, so we offer monthly partnership packages that combine banners, publication of content (and support in producing, where required) and mention of our sponsors via social media. This approach reinforces alignment with pharmaphorum, accentuating being a valued partner.

To find out more about how we can help, receive our media pack or details of our focus months, call us on +44 (0)1932 339260, email advertising@pharmaphorum.com or complete the form below.


Global Pharma Showcase

The Global Pharma Showcase is our new platform to enable your organisations to have its own page on pharmaphorum, allowing you to share links to their latest offsite articles, news, audio / video content and appointments totally free of charge. In addition, the following items can be posted directly onto the pharmaphorum website for a small fee, where they are placed within dedicated sections:

• Jobs: placed within our dedicated jobs section.

• Events: placed within our dedicated events section.

• Full press releases: placed within our news section.

Take advantage of our global audience and strong search visibility and create your showcase page today through the following simple steps:

• Click on 'Join us' and register as an individual on pharmaphorum.

• Click on the 'Your Showcase Profile' in your user profile to set-up your organisation on the showcase.

• Start sharing your updates!

For more information on the Global Pharma Showcase, call +44 (0)1932 339260, email showcase@pharmaphorum.com or complete the contact form below.



Find out more about how to advertise with us or request submission guidelines. Call +44 (0)1932 797974 or use the form below:

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