World Haemophilia Day: raising awareness, building support

17th April 2015

World Haemophilia Day: raising awareness, building supportJens Oltrogge

On World Haemophilia Day, Jens Oltrogge reviews the progress made in treating this rare disorder, which causes those with the disease to bleed because of a lack of sufficient clotting... Read more

Election fever in the UK: what it means to pharma

16th April 2015

Election fever in the UK: what it means to pharmaLeela Barham

Campaigning for the UK General Election in May 2015 has stepped up since the dissolution of Parliament on 30 March. In the last few days the main parties – Labour,... Read more

Get real to improve adherence and outcomes

15th April 2015

Get real to improve adherence and outcomesRolf Taylor

According to speakers at a recent event on patient adherence and advocacy, it is important to talk to people in a language and style that they comprehend, to improve understanding,... Read more

7 Questions: health care expert Gayle Brazeau

14th April 2015

7 Questions: health care expert Gayle BrazeauGayle Brazeau

pharmaphorum spoke to Gayle A Brazeau, dean of the College of Pharmacy in New England, about the growing importance of pharmacogenomics in health care.What's exciting about your field at the... Read more


New survival data boosts AZ's lung cancer drug

17th April 2015

New survival data boosts AZ's lung cancer drugStaff reporter

Updated progression-free survival data for AstraZeneca's lung cancer candidate AZD9291 has put the drug firmly on course for filing in the first half of this year.Updated results from the ongoing AURA trial... Read more

Can GSK’s epilepsy drug help ALS patients?

17th April 2015

Can GSK’s epilepsy drug help ALS patients?Andrew McConaghie

The search for a new treatment for the progressive neurodegenerative disease ALS has turned to an existing epilepsy drug marketed by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).New treatments for the disease are desperately needed,... Read more

Ibrance trial stopped early on survival benefit

16th April 2015

Ibrance trial stopped early on survival benefitStaff reporter

A phase 3 trial of Pfizer's breast cancer therapy Ibrance has been stopped early after a clear benefit on progression-free survival was seen compared to control.The PALOMA-3 study of recently-approved Ibrance (palbociclib)... Read more

AZ extends cancer collaboration with Immunocore

16th April 2015

AZ extends cancer collaboration with ImmunocoreAndrew McConaghie

AstraZeneca's biologics arm MedImmune is to research yet another combination of immuno-oncology treatments, as it vies to join the leaders in this cutting-edge therapy area.The firm has unveiled a collaboration... Read more

Audio & Video

Being Patient-centric is being Family-ce…


Cancer survivor and patient opinion leader Andrew Schorr and his wife Esther Schorr discuss how families should be involved in decision-making around care for patients.... View more

On demand webinar: Staring into the aby…

IMS webinar


Regardless of the colour of the next UK government that emerges as a result of the May election, the £30–50bn NHS budget... View more

Live Tweetchat: Managing COPD in the rea…


Working in partnership, Atlantis Healthcare and pharmaphorum present a Tweetchat focussed on the real world challenges patients face in managing their COPD,... View more

Live webinar/debate - Feb 4th - COPD, co…

Join the COPD webinar/debate



COPD is a widespread, costly and largely preventable condition which affects over 300 million people worldwide and is recognised... View more

White Papers

Optimising patient outcomes through phys…

Optimising patient outcomes through physician educationDr James Quekett

Physician education is undergoing a massive change as the volume of advances in therapies and practices increases and the use of digital channels facilitates new forms of scientific exchange. This white... View info

Is pharma brand marketing dead?

Is pharma brand marketing dead?Mark Sales, Fabrice Bourg & Richard Goosey

This comprehensive supplement brings together a series of articles, insights and discussions produced by Kantar Health in order to help stimulate debate and fresh thinking about the future of pharmaceutical... View info

Improved health and wellbeing in COPD

Improved health and wellbeing in COPDAna Maria Arboleda, Clare Maloney & Prof John Weinman

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a progressive and debilitating disorder, which, as it progresses, places a significant burden on individuals and those caring for them. This is not only... View info

Computer Gaming: The Future of Decision-…

Computer Gaming: The Future of Decision-Making for Life Sciences?

How can life science brands identify winning strategic decisions when there are so many variables to consider? One route is via 'road-testing' decisions ahead of sign-off under computer game simulated... View info

Further News & Articles

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Content marketing with sponsored updates

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Merck wins back Breakthrough status for hepatitis combo

The FDA has awarded Breakthrough Therapy Designation to Merck's grazoprevir/elbasvir combination for hepatitis C... Read more