About pharmaphorum media

The world of healthcare is changing rapidly and the pharma industry must adapt to ensure it can continue to play a valuable role in helping patients. We believe that change is driven by the wisdom of many, through the exchange of ideas that can drive positive change. For this reason, pharmaphorum media was launched with the mission being to help all healthcare stakeholders communicate, connect and collaborate in order to drive medical innovation and deliver better outcomes for patients, with the pharmaceutical industry being at the core of this.

"Change is driven by connecting smart people and ideas"

Since the launch of the initial digital publication, pharmaphorum.com in late 2009, pharmaphorum media has become a globally recognised brand within healthcare and diversified to better deliver against this mission. Today, we occupy a unique space in bringing healthcare together both digitally and physically, via three core offerings:


pharmaphorum.com is the premier digital publication for thought leadership relating to the pharmaceutical industry. The news, opinions and insights published every day help industry executives better understand the broader healthcare landscape within which they operate, including regular contributions from their peers, innovative service providers, physicians, payers / policy makers, patient organisations and patients.


Connect Health Innovation is the digital media consulting arm of pharmaphorum, born from the practical experience of using engaging content and social media to build pharmaphorum.com. Using our combination of industry expertise, global connectivity across all healthcare stakeholders and unrivalled reputation, Connect Health Innovation helps pharmaceutical companies and service providers connect with the right external influencers at the right time and with the right messages.


Healthcare Partners, launched in early 2015, draws upon the expertise gained from both pharmaphorum.com and Connect Health Innovation to identify and disseminate key challenges, and collaborative solutions, relating to the delivery of healthcare in the UK. Through continuous online and physical communication, networking and education, Healthcare Partners aligns commercial providers, patient organisations and the NHS around areas of mutual interest – both unmet needs and innovative solutions.

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