Omnichannel marketing for pharma

Omnichannel marketing for pharmaRobert Harrison

There has been a lot of debate recently around pharma and its pursuit of multi-channel or omni-channel marketing. Given widespread recognition that pharma lags behind a number of market sectors... Read more

Encouraging signs in the quest against Alzheimer’s

Encouraging signs in the quest against Alzheimer’sJan Lundberg, PhD

Collaboration among experts in Alzheimer's research is aiding progress towards the goals of specific diagnostics for various types of dementia, combined with safe and effective medicines.There were glimmers of hope... Read more

Genomics – the gateway to personalised medicine

Genomics – the gateway to personalised medicineSarah Holme

Since the completion of the human genome project in 2003, a world of possibilities has been opened up for the personalisation of medicine. From determining predisposition to disease through to... Read more

Who influences NICE technology appraisals?

Who influences NICE technology appraisals?Leela Barham

In the world of pharmaceuticals everyone seems to have heard of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). That's not only because of its influence on access to... Read more