Roche bemoans price distortion and 'Big Bad Pharma' attacks

2nd October 2015

Roche bemoans price distortion and 'Big Bad Pharma' attacksAndrew McConaghie

Just how much does Kadcyla cost in the UK? Roche tells Andrew McConaghie that inaccurate reports of its price have distorted the debate.Just as US pharma is once again mired... Read more

The effects of smoking on people with HIV

1st October 2015

The effects of smoking on people with HIVDavid Rowlands

David Rowlands examines why smoking is a particularly serious health threat for people living with HIV and explores a range of interventions and the views of the community based on... Read more

Doctors want pharma to provide 360-degree service

30th September 2015

Doctors want pharma to provide 360-degree service Tim Ringrose

Cost and time constraints mean doctors want pharma's support to treat the patient in front of them now, as well as using the industry's data management skills to provide the... Read more

The rebirth of the pharma sales rep

29th September 2015

The rebirth of the pharma sales rep James Crowley

The most successful pharma sales teams will be those that define and service customers in new ways. Those who are the most responsive and relevant to today's customers and influencers... Read more


BMS gets green light in US for Opdivo/Yervoy combination

2nd October 2015

BMS gets green light in US for Opdivo/Yervoy combinationPhil Taylor

The US FDA has approved the combined use of Bristol-Myers Squibb's melanoma drugs Yervoy and Opdivo, a highly effective but pricey treatment regimen.This is the first time that two immuno-oncology... Read more

Clinton ad keeps drug pricing - and Shkreli - in the spotlight

1st October 2015

Clinton ad keeps drug pricing - and Shkreli - in the spotlightPhil Taylor

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton can thank Turing Pharmaceuticals' chief executive Martin Shkreli for delivering a perfect lightning rod for her campaign's focus on healthcare reform.Turing and Shkreli's ill-advised decision to... Read more

Boehringer hails ‘landmark year’ in respiratory

1st October 2015

Boehringer hails ‘landmark year’ in respiratoryClaire Bowie

Of the four new products it has launched in 12 months, Boehringer Ingelheim (BI) believes Spiolto (tiotropium/olodaterol) and OFEV (nintedanib) have the potential to be class-leaders, according to Allan Hillgrove,... Read more

Breast cancer charity calls on Roche to drop price of Kadcyla

1st October 2015

Breast cancer charity calls on Roche to drop price of KadcylaAndrew McConaghie

Roche is being called on to drop the price of its breast cancer drug Kadcyla in the UK so that patients can keep receiving the treatment.The drug is set to... Read more

Audio & Video

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Veeva webinar 29Oct2


Is the industry getting what it needs?

Customer data challenges are among the most vexing and pervasive that life sciences companies... View more

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West webinar 17Sept


The best drug, in the best container, with the best delivery device is useless if the patient does not take the... View more

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Understanding your customers is fundamental to effective communication. Current segmentation strategies draw on ever more detailed information... View more

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Next-generation brand launches: Global health data and insights can transform your business

Life Sciences companies face challenges today in achieving their revenue forecast and return on investment from brand launches. Much of this is driven by access to critical data, and their ability to... View info

Patient centricity: What it means and wh…

Patient centricity: What it means and why it’s important to have patients at the centre of our thinkingDuncan Cantor

Having clear parameters of patient‑centricity that can be measured year-on-year enables Boehringer Ingelheim UK to know if it is moving in the right direction and to set targets for what... View info

Successful biopharma product launches de…

Successful biopharma product launches depend upon market insights – driving competitive advantage through innovationChristian Marcazzo & Robin Munro

A major competitive advantage can be gained by companies that unlock the value hidden in the vast quantity of healthcare data available today – particularly that presented by real-world data.... View info

Optimising patient outcomes through phys…

Optimising patient outcomes through physician educationDr James Quekett

Physician education is undergoing a massive change as the volume of advances in therapies and practices increases and the use of digital channels facilitates new forms of scientific exchange. This white... View info

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