Applying marketing thinking to the clinical trial process

4th March 2015

Applying marketing thinking to the clinical trial processKen Wallace

In order to attract and retain patients for a clinical trial, clinical teams should start early on planning and implementing their marketing strategies. Ken Wallace suggests the patient recruitment questions... Read more

Clinical trials insight: paediatric trials

3rd March 2015

Clinical trials insight: paediatric trialsAlex Muntañola

pharmaphorum spoke to Alex Cvetkovich Muntañola about the current status of paediatric trials and the challenges that lie ahead.Could you give an overview of where paediatric clinical trials are in... Read more

We need to talk about ChemSex: risks of Hep C and HIV are high

2nd March 2015

We need to talk about ChemSex: risks of Hep C and HIV are highDavid Rowlands

More gay men in the UK are presenting to clinicians with complicated issues associated with drug use and consent to sex in ChemSex environments (taking recreational drugs during sex and... Read more

A sea-change in rare disease drug development

27th February 2015

A sea-change in rare disease drug developmentCaroline Mathie and Dilip Phadnis

With the annual Rare Disease Day taking place tomorrow, Caroline Mathie and Dilip Phadnis give an overview of orphan drug development and consider how marketing strategies for these products need... Read more


Opdivo cleared for lung cancer in record time

5th March 2015

Opdivo cleared for lung cancer in record timeStaff reporter

Bristol-Myers Squibb's Opdivo has been cleared in the US to treat lung cancer, a full three months ahead of the FDA's review deadline.The positive verdict by the agency gives PD-1... Read more

BMS keeps foot on immuno-oncology accelerator

4th March 2015

BMS keeps foot on immuno-oncology acceleratorStaff reporter

A filing for anti-PD-1 drug Opdivo in lung cancer, plus three new licensing and acquisition deals, shows Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) has no intention of slowing its immuno-oncology drive.The US FDA... Read more

Boehringer submits Pradaxa antidote to regulators

4th March 2015

Boehringer submits Pradaxa antidote to regulatorsAndrew McConaghie

A new product which can rapidly reverse the effects of Boehringer Ingelheim's (BI) anticoagulant Pradaxa has been filed with regulators in the US and Europe.The drug, idarucizumab, is the first... Read more

NICE backs Gilead's Harvoni in draft guidance

3rd March 2015

NICE backs Gilead's Harvoni in draft guidanceStaff reporter

Patients in England and Wales look set to get access to Gilead Sciences' new hepatitis C virus (HCV) therapy Harvoni after a positive review by the National Institute for Health... Read more

Audio & Video

Live Tweetchat: Managing COPD in the rea…


Working in partnership, Atlantis Healthcare and pharmaphorum present a Tweetchat focussed on the real world challenges patients face in managing their COPD,... View more

Live webinar/debate - Feb 4th - COPD, co…

Join the COPD webinar/debate



COPD is a widespread, costly and largely preventable condition which affects over 300 million people worldwide and is recognised... View more

On demand webinar: The Price is Right? -…



With challenges to highly priced rare disease medicines and the Cancer Drug Fund evolving again – what is next, what are the... View more

Now on demand - real world insight into …

The Diabetes Debate


Now available on demand (free to access) - originally broadcast on October 29th 2014.

Non-adherence to self-management regimens in diabetes is globally... View more

White Papers

Computer Gaming: The Future of Decision-…

Computer Gaming: The Future of Decision-Making for Life Sciences?

How can life science brands identify winning strategic decisions when there are so many variables to consider? One route is via 'road-testing' decisions ahead of sign-off under computer game simulated... View info

How do doctors want to engage with pharm…

How do doctors want to engage with pharma on new products?Dr Tim Ringrose

With more than 80 per cent of European doctors saying they want to stay abreast of new developments about pharmaceutical products, it is important to understand how they wish to... View info

Modelling patient behaviour to improve s…

Modelling patient behaviour to improve self-management in diabetesDr Sinéad NíMhurchadha & Jeremy Sayers

An understanding of health psychology is essential to helping patients adhere to their medication and lifestyle regimens. This report hones in on how the COM-B model of behaviour provides a... View info

"The future ain’t what it used to b…

"The future ain’t what it used to be"Paul Stuart-Kregor

Preparation is key to creating and maintaining a strong drugs pipeline. However, the statistics demonstrate that successful product commercialisation strategies are not always implemented. Products are developed for which there... View info

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